June 10, 2012

chloe's open house

Alicia and I // flower arrangement (diy post here)
outfit: purple American Eagle lace corset dress // mint ribbon belt // Blowfish Gypsy platforms
childhood photos: Maya and I at a garden // first Bliss dress by Christine Dobler
my childhood friend, Emily, and I
photo by Emily

 beautiful cook book that my grandmother put together // full of family recipes and childhood photos
present from Emily (teacup candle) // Maya gave me an airsoft gun to "fight off zombies and rapists" at college



  1. I love both of the dresses you two are wearing in the top photo. Lots like a good time.


  2. Aw, looks like a fun day! I'm not having my grad party/open house till early July so my BFF from Wyoming can come up. I'm really excited. I have so much planned!! :D

    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I'm happy to know that I've done a good job of finding cute places for my photos - it's really not that easy where I live! The town I live in has some really cute places, but they're nested in and around some sketchy areas. To get to the location in my last post I had to drive past several industrial buildings, and there's another pier on the beach that has graffiti all over it. Haha!

    Your blog is lovely. I'm following on Bloglovin' now (Bloglovin' is just the best, I think!)

    I hope you're having a lovely day! <3

  3. Aw, this looks like such a fun open house! And you should NEVER be too shy to say hi to me! I would have absolutely loved to chat with you!!! xo


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