June 7, 2012

mason jar vase diy & open house sneak peek

Supplies: tulle // ribbon // scissors // hot glue // mason jar

1// clean the mason jar
2// cut off some tulle and wrap it around the jar
3// tie the tulle and then secure it with hot glue on the back side
4// make a bow using this tutorial by Martha Stewart
5// glue the bow over where you tied the tulle

other random Open House things:
final senior pictures (taken by my friend Emily and edited by myself)

I know that lately my posts have been a bit all over the place, and I'm sorry for that, but my Open House is the weekend so I'm pretty busy.
These lovely mint colored vases will be filled with wildflowers on Sunday and sitting atop picnic tables.

I will of course share photos as soon as I can.


ps. can you guess what my colors are?

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