May 25, 2012

Alicia's Summer List

  1. go thrifting every other Wednesday
  2. go to the farmers market
  3. go stargazing
  4. have a cookout
  5. go to Grand Haven
  6. have a picnic
  7. read 5 books
  8. take a photo a day
  9. go to a festival
  10. swing dance at Rosa Parks Circle
  11. go on a road trip
  12. take pictures in front of the polka dot wall (Selective Potential)
  13. climb to the top of the White River Lighthouse  (Selective Potential)
  14. swing on the giant tire swing  (Selective Potential)
  15. explore Bear Cave  (Selective Potential)
  16. whistle through Tunnel Park  (Selective Potential)
  17. go backwards up Gravity Hill  (Selective Potential)
  18. go to Sleeping Bear Dunes  (Selective Potential)
  19. explore Fallasburg Historical Village  (Selective Potential)
  20. tour the historical Hackley and Hume houses  (Selective Potential)
  21. visit the Block House  (Selective Potential)
  22. to to a drive-in movie
  23. get a henna tattoo
  24. meet someone new
  25. go to IHOP late at night
  26. go berry picking
  27. dye my hair
  28. make ice cream
  29. make homemade pizza
  30. try a new recipe every week
  31. take a weekly walk
  32. travel outside the state
  33. go to France
  34. go to Frederik Meijer Gardens
  35. make a flower crown
  36. go to Mackinaw Island
  37. catch fireflies
  38. go to an amusement park
  39. make a cover
  40. watch 10 new to me movies
  41. go to the zoo
  42. get a hula hoop
  43. visit North Beach
  44. go glow bowling
  45. volunteer
  46. get frozen yogurt with Chloe
  47. grow out my hair
  48. get a perm
  49. make a pokébra
  50. create an etsy shop

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