June 13, 2012

thrift haul

 black heeled booties $4
 floral purse $3
 teal patterned crop top $2
 hot pink high wasted shorts $2
eleven Pyrex cups $5.50



  1. Ooh! I love those cups! I have some just like it in green and white! <3 I have a whole set of plates to go with, too. :D

  2. What amazing finds! I'm jealous!

    I found your blog through ModSquad! Your blog is so very pretty and I think partner blogs that succeed are awesome! (I had failed partnership blog, so they are really interesting to me!)

    I need to dig through your archives because I'm seriously in love with your design!

    1. Thank you! That means so much to us. Especially the bit about the design, we've been struggling with it lately, constantly changing this or that (I do all of the design work myself and am never happy).

      Also, I think the only reason that co-blogging works for us is because we've been best friends for four years and see each other about every other day. Alicia introduced me to blogging back in 2010 and that's when we first started (although we ended up deleting that blog).

      Thanks again!


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