June 16, 2012

sister style

I'm taking a hint from Elsie and Emma.

Meet Maya, my not-so-baby sister.

This is the girl behind the camera. She takes most of my outfit photos. And yes, I allow my 14 year old sister to use my $750 camera. I trust this girl with everything but my white clothes (she always stains them).

PicMonkey Collage

We share clothes, talk all the time and truly get along.

I love her so very very much. She does so much for me. From taking my outfit photos to making me bowls and boxes. We are extremely close, and the idea of leaving her behind when I go to college in the fall is extremely nerve-racking for me. She will be attending high school in the fall. So both of us will be switching schools and having some new experiences.

This morning she left on a school trip out east and it made me realize how much I'm going to miss her when I move. I will not let us grow apart in the next four years. I promise myself that Maya and I will skype and text all the time, that when I come home every other weekend we will have coffee, do yoga, go shopping, gossip, and enjoy time spent together.

I love you baby sister!


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