May 1, 2012

Chloe's Summer 2012 List

Summer Bohemian Fort from Hello Giggles

Every year for as long as I can remember, my father has had each member of my family write down ten things that they would like to accomplish that summer. At the end of this summer, Alicia and I will be leaving our small hometown and moving to MSU where we will be attending college next year. This has caused me to freak out multiple times every day for several months. As my senior year comes to a close, I feel lost and as if I have no goals. I barely do anything at school or at home anymore and I need to make this summer the best possible, which is why this years list is a lot more than just ten things.

Here's my list for Summer 2012:
  1. go bowling
  2. read 10 books
  3. have a picnic
  4. travel outside of Michigan
  5. swim once a week
  6. learn how to ride a bike
  7. go to Beaver Island
  8. go to a music festival
  9. take at least one photo a day
  10. go to Frederik Meijer Gardens
  11. attend a few concerts
  12. go to a drive-in movie
  13. go on a road trip
  14. go to the Grand Rapids Art Museum
  15. go to the Grand Rapids Public Museum
  16. build a fort
  17. make a mini art gallery of my own work
  18. make s'mores
  19. get a henna tattoo
  20. go kayaking
  21. go skinny dipping
  22. meet someone new
  23. go to IHOP late at night
  24. go berry picking
  25. make a flower crown
  26. tie dye something
  27. have a bonfire
  28. go to Mackinaw Island (after #6)
  29. dye part of my hair
  30. get a tattoo
  31. go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  32. go to the polka dot wall (SP)
  33. visit the White River Lighthouse (SP)
  34. go to the giant tire swing (SP)
  35. go to the Bear Cave (SP)
  36. visit Tunnel Park (SP)
  37. go to Gravity Hill (SP)
  38. go to Sleeping Bear Dunes (SP)
  39. visit the Fallasburg Historical Village (SP)
  40. visit the Hackley and Hume houses (SP)
  41. visit the Block House (SP)
  42. go camping
  43. make ice cream
  44. catch fireflies
  45. go stargazing
  46. visit the farmers market
  47. go thrifting
  48. make homemade pizza
  49. have a cookout with friends
  50. have a mocktail party and dress up
  51. go miniature golfing
  52. go to a water park
  53. climb a tree
  54. take a weekly walk
  55. fire a gun
  56. do yoga
  57. sketch something
  58. make a photo journal of my summer
  59. make a friendship bracelet
  60. go to Grand Haven (the pier, Rosy Mound, and Fricano's)
  61. do a cover with Alicia
  62. watch the sunrise
  63. watch the sunset
  64. hula hoop 20 minutes a day
  65. get paid for one photography gig
  66. make 10 new recipes
  67. watch 10 new films (not chick flicks!)
  68. take at least 3 day trips
  69. get my hair or makeup done at the mall
  70. take a bubble bath
  71. go swimming in my clothes
  72. volunteer
  73. say "yes" for the day
  74. go out to a fancy dinner
  75. meet my future roommate
  76. visit Spring Grove Park (Jamestown)
  77. make a pokebra

I realize that some of these things are unrealistic and probably wont happen, but my goal is to get as many done as possible. This list will probably continue to grow, so I'm hoping there will only be around ten that don't get done (I mean lets be honest, I'm probably not going to get a tattoo or go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but a girl can dream can't she?).

If you have any additional suggestions or want to help me in some way,
please comment or send me an email!
Wish me luck!



  1. i need to make a list like this, so inspiring!

  2. I love this list. I stumbled upon your blog from reading Delightfully Tacky's comments. I love your list, it is so motivating. It seems like the thing to do and I really should create my own, but I am always too afraid that I won't be able to accomplish it.

    1. Well thank you :) I think the main thing about making a list like this is to remember that you can do anything that you put your mind to, but that its also understandable that it's a difficult feat and you may not accomplish as much as expected.

      Good luck!


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