August 16, 2012

Taking a Break

Lately I've been uninspired and lacking in imagination. I'm disappointed in myself for not blogging on a regular basis, but at that same time, I feel as though it's pointless for me to blog. I have nothing to say. I don't have any interesting DIYs or even interesting things going on in my life.

I have no idea if anyone even reads this blog.
I want to continue blogging simply because I don't want to fail at it again.
I even managed to suck at completing my summer list.

The inadvertent break I've taken has been good for me.
I have no idea whether or not Alicia and I will begin blogging again once we start college, but I would like to. This is supposed to be a place for us to share our lives, our love for fashion and crafts.
A lot has been going on lately. I've barely been home enough to see my family, let alone plan blog posts. I'm tired of doing insubstantial outfit posts once a week.

I have things to focus on right now, like moving into my dorm, getting to know my roommates and making new friends, not to mention getting used to college life. I think that it is likely I will begin blogging again, if only to document my progress in school.

So, I'm not breaking up with you, I just want to take a break.


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  1. Aw, I hope you start blogging again! I love this blog - even if I don't comment a whole lot.

    But sometimes, a break is the best. :)


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