June 9, 2012

this + this = that

What to do when you need a little color pick me up.
 I've been wanting to re-dye my dress and bandeau bra because they didn't come out nicely the first time. I also threw in a few of my sisters and moms clothes. 
 I prefer to use iDye because if you get the correct kind, you can use it in the washer. This really makes it easy. Here I used one pack of purple and one of violet.
 The directions are very simple to follow.
 My washer has 15 or 30 minute soak cycle. So, after stirring in the dye and inserting my clothing items, I set it to the 30 min soak cycle and let it sit there. The color will look quite dark, but remember, some of it will wash out. And don't be worried about it dyeing your washer either, it won't, I promise.

Here are the results:
This bandeau bra is 72% nylon, 20% cotton, and 8% spandex. It turned out more red than any of my other items.
This dress by Billabong turned out a nice purple.



  1. I've seen iDye before. Where did you get this? We are moving soon and I'd love to dress up some curtains.


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