May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Flip Card

digital photos, card-stock, printer, pen or marker, ribbon, hole punch, photo paper

  1. Collect your photos.
  2. Edit your photos using PicMonkey. I chose to put Polaroid frames on all of mine.
  3. Print your photos off on photo paper.
  4. Cut out photos and several pieces of card-stock to whatever size you would like.
  5. Hole punch all of the photos and card-stock in a corner.
  6. Write your message on the pieces of card-stock. (mine is a poem)
  7. Tie all of them together with ribbon.
To my mother...
There is no other
Quite like you.
When I’m blue
You know just what to do.
I love you more
Than I did when I was four,
I love you now
More somehow.


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