April 19, 2012

Neon on a Gray Day

neon striped sweater // Urban Outfitters
blue pencil skirt // Forever 21
gold peep toe flats // Kohl's

 I adore this neon striped sweater.
My little sister had recently bought it when we were in Chicago,
and apparently didn't read the tag before washing it...
See where I'm going with this?
Yeah, that's right, it's HANDWASH ONLY. Oops.
She complained it was deformed and I immediately offered to take it off her hands.
Aren't I just the sweetest?



  1. Hi! You look very nuce! I like your sweater so much:)


  2. what an adorable outfit!! I love the bight stripes! xo

  3. Your Outfit is awesome!! I love the way you combined the colours! Even your umbrella fits perfectly to your Outfit! Awesome sweater and skirt!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog


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